This project will investigate the clinical applications and potential benefits/pitfalls of the new MRI technology MR-STAT. The position is aimed at an ambitious post-doctoral researcher with a natural science background and good communication skills.

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The new MRI technology MR-STAT intends to have a profound impact on imaging practices in hospitals leading to better, cheaper and faster diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. The technology potentially raises questions and dilemmas on e.g. integration in clinical practice, legal responsibilities, patient preferences and impact, repercussions for the medical profession, economic impacts, and ethical concerns (e.g. on robustness, transparency, right to privacy, fairness and inclusion).
This project studies these questions and dilemmas by inviting a wide range of stakeholders to discuss these in design workshops (to be used by the MR-STAT project directly) and constructive technology assessment workshops (long-term innovation pathways). The set-up, executions and results of ResQuMRI are used and continuously discussed with the technical MR-STAT project. Moreover, results of the ResQuMRI project are shared and discussed with stakeholders active in hospitals and the broader healthcare sector.
An important component of the project is the clinical validation of MR-STAT. As such, the post-doc researcher will be responsible for the setup and coordination of clinical trials (at the UMC Utrecht and beyond).

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The project will be carried out in the computation Imaging group of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. More information about the research team can be found here. The project is a collaboration between the computational imaging group (UMC Utrecht) and the Copernicus Center for sustainable development (University of Utrecht).

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The post-doc researcher will have a natural science background with medical knowledge and experience of MRI. Prior experience in conducting clinical trials will be very valuable. The candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary environment and will have excellent communications skills,  proactive and autonomous working approach. Fluency in the Dutch language will be required. She/he will be employed at the Computational Imaging Group of the UMC Utrecht.



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